Safe Crossing

Welcome to the "Safe Crossing" viewer. The map shows pedestrian crossings in Luxembourg-City that have been determined through a crowdsourced effort as not being compliant with the Highway Code ("Code de la route") because designated parking spots (including bus stops) are within 5 metres of a pedestrian crossing.

Red and orange dots mark the relevant crossings:

Red (475 crossings, 27%): Users agreed that the crossing was not compliant with the Highway Code

Yellow (162 crossings, 9%): Users were unable to determine whether the crossing is compliant with the Highway Code

Compliant crossings are not shown on the map (1150 crossings, 64%).

By clicking on a dot, you can check the street name and neighbourhood, and how many users cast votes. You can also check out the OpenStreetMaps node id.

Data for the pedestrian crossings comes from OpenStreetMap. Satellite imagery comes from Geoportail. Download the data as GeoJSON or as CSV.

More information about the project.